Pain….or pleasure?

At what point does pain…or punishment, humiliation, shame…whatever your kink…become pleasure?

i know for me it starts even before the first stroke of the crop…just seeing the crop or flogger in Master’s hand sends tingles through my body and my voyage to sub-space begins.  But as for the pain itself delivered through that crop…that takes a few strokes to become mmmmmmmmmmm

So why doesn’t the pain of a stubbed toe or barked shin become pleasure in the same way?  Well, perhaps for some it does  …but i don’t think so for most.  my sisters in submission and i have talked before in passing about something “hurting but not in a good way”.  What makes being deliberately hit with an object “good” pain?

i think it is the control that we are giving over more than anything else.  Maybe it is the trust that we put into the hands of One we respect that allows us to free ourselves to the sensations going from nerve endings on our skin to that deep inside thrum of fulfillment.  Perhaps it is security in that while a Dominant may choose to beat us, humiliate us or otherwise use us in agreed upon parameters They do so without allowing those invisible lines to be crossed & that lets us lower the defenses & let the endorphines flow.

For me part of the pleasure of pain is the anticipation…the knowing that He holds what i feel physically & emotionally in His hands and mind…and that it is okay to trust Him with both.  At what point does the pain become pleasure for you?

R’s roxanne

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