my Master’s wishes

like most submissives i have restrictions that are set by my Master, i have been blessed with a Master who listens to my thoughts on things and does sometimes change some restrictions for me.

i also have rules/guidelines to follow, Master recently had reason to punish me for not thinking before i acted, something i feel i have failed at a few times in O/our relationship, Master decided for me to write about rules and why i follow them and have me post them on the Village message board, each time i am scrolling the board and see that post it reminds me that i need to remember rules are for a reason.

my Master, i feel is very wise, before He went on His holiday, He set down some guidelines for my sister and i to follow, one of them i did the wrinkling of my nose and so wanted to say its not fairrrrrrrrrr, but as His holiday time comes to an end i know in my heart that Master was wise in His thoughts and the guidelines He set down for syn and i.

i often have to pinch myself at how Master seems to know what is best for me, O/our relationship, i know that i am blessed to be collared to such a wonderful Man, who i call “my Master”

Master, syn and i can be found with the rest of the Village F/folk in The Village at Sizzling Chat, come visit with U/us *S*



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